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The whole system configuration can be stored and reloaded at the push of a button (Preset), depending upon the application. Customers can design their own graphic user interface or control panel(s) as well as program automatic sequences (Events) and create different levels of user groups. (Security). ATEÏS-Studio™ provides a complete set of tools and building blocks for real-time control, monitoring and design of an audio system or Voice Evacuation system from paging desk to loudspeaker. Detailed information such as signal levels, loudspeaker impedance, pre-recorded messages, amplifier conditions and other parameters can be monitored in real-time.

A library of control and monitoring elements, (GUI) graphical user interface, are provided and includes items such as volume control faders, various metering, high level EQ, Compression, Limiting, Auto-Gain, Noise-sensing, Mixing, quick-buttons and display elements. The behavior of these elements is completely configurable for customer control design. The combination of these GUI tools allows a user to create a control surface that is effective, easy to operate regardless of the user’s technical knowledge. Additional security is available through the use of password protected layers according to the EN 54-16.