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►BCU-4830A - Advanced Monitored Battery Charger 3amp/30amp
►BCU-4875A - Advanced Monitored Battery Charger 6amp/75amp

The BCU-4830A/BCU-4875A battery chargers (48 VDC) are designed for secured battery backup and power sharing to PA/VA system. The microprocessorbased design makes the charging process be programmed and optimized by sensing the battery status and temperature. With Battery Balance function, the capacity utilization of the battery cells can be maximized and increases the longevity as well.

The two (BCU-4830A)/six (BCU-4875A) 48V outputs provide the controllers or power amplifiers with a maximum current 30A (BCU-4830A)/75A (BCU-4875A) per unit, 20A per output. And three 24V outputs provide auxiliary or remote units with a maximum current 8A per unit, 3A per output. The maximum charging current of BCU-4830A is 3A and 6A for BCU-4875A. In addition, four fault contact outputs (GENERAL/MAINS/BATTERY/OUTPUT) are equipped for remote status monitoring, including the AC mains power fault, bad battery, battery voltage is too high or too low and battery is not present.