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Bridging Power Amplifier

The BPA is a 2U 19" rack-mountable bridging power amplifier with extremely low power consumption (0.9W per channel) during standby mode; and transformer isolated for 100V, 50V, 8 ohm or 70V, 35V, 8 ohm speaker line. There are audio line inputs with a balanced XLR and phoenix connectors. The available models are listed as below: 

  • BPA-1240/BPA-1480/BPA-1000 (240W/480W/1000W x 1CH)
  • BPA-2060/BPA-2120/BPA-2240/BPA-2480 (60W/120W/240W/480W x 2CH)

The BPA-2060, BPA-2120, BPA-2240, BPA-2480 can be bridged (recommend) or paralleled to double the wattage for each two channels. The BPA amplifier is designed to have protection of short-to-ground or short circuit, overload and overheat. It also provides an automatic wake-up signal detection, which can automatically wake up the amplifier from standby mode when detects audio input signal (> -40 dB). The BPA amplifier has a 115 VAC or 230 VAC mains supply and a 48 VDC battery backup input. The status LED on the front panel include power, fault, overload temp. and VU meter.