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Bass Array is one of the latest technical creations of ATEÏS that fits perfectly in the ‘Intelligent audio solution’ range of products and has proven to be a real add-on to the third generation Messenger® line arrays. The combination of Messenger line arrays and a BASS-ARRAY offers the perfect solution for speech and musical performance in any difficult acoustic environment. By applying the same patent Messenger® technology to the Bass-Array, makes it the first array of its kind that carries bass frequencies over long distances and keep the signal deviation within 2 dB over 100 m.

The BASS ARRAY is based on the MESSENGER® patent algorithm that was introduced in 1999 by Johan van der Werff and is now owned by ATEÏS.

Using a controlled power and frequency shading model, full directivity control and side-lobe suppression can be obtained. Upper and lower frequencies of this controlled directivity concept are defined by means of extending the total length for the lower frequencies by having multiple sources of which their acoustic centers are within ½ distance of the upper frequencies spaced. With a total length of 14 meter and only 8 cabinets, lobe steering and directivity control can be chieve down to 35 Hz up to 400 Hz.

With the use of the powerful Messenger® LOBE-ASSEMBLER software you can built and shape the Bass-Array-Lobe to fit perfectly in the acoustic difficult environment. Use a dual or triple lobe and the Bass-Array-Lobe can cover both ground level and balcony with the highest directivity possible and with the lowest signal deviation. Variable opening angles for variable throws and symmetrical and/or asymmetrical lobes can be constructed. By changing the ½ distance, the Bass-Array can be adapted to fit with required cross-over frequencies with any mid-high tone array available in the market.

The bass cabinets used in the BASS ARRAY can be of any brand and any size. The lobe assembler software can be easily adapted to any size and brand. For this we can adapt the Lobe Assembler software to meet the 3rd part brand specifications. The processor for the Bass-Array is delivered as 19-inch rack mount frame that provides analogue as well as AES interfacing with the self-powered third party Bass-cabinets.