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The IDA8C controller houses advanced audio digital signal processing (DSP), matrix control functions and a digital message player, with front panel access for a fully monitored fireman’s microphone and emergency trigger buttons. IDA8C also supports amplifier monitoring with hot-swap amplifiers and loudspeaker line impedance monitoring.
One IDA8C supports to connect to a maximum of 31 slave units via Ateis-Net. The slave units are available as single zone (IDA8S) or with A/B speaker line configurations (IDA8SAB), or for low-impedance monitoring (IDA8SL). The LCD touch screen panel on IDA8C gives the operators to see a detailed overview of the operational status of the entire systems.

  Highly Integrated Network PA/VA System  

In cooperation with RU devices for redundancy purpose, please refer to our local sales for:
       * External DC power calculation for IDA8S
       * Special order for IDA8C, IDA8C-SW, IDA8SAB and IDA8SAB-SW