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IDA8C(Switch Mode) controller requires less number of amplifiers with only 4 audio channels for 4 amplifiers and utilizes with a maximum capacity of 1000 W for each. The AteÏs local-net can be a network of one controller and a maximum up to 31 Slave units including IDA8C(Switch Mode) and IDA8C(Matrix Mode) in a local system. IDA8SAB (Switch Mode) provides the zones and audio in & out expansion using a secured 48 channel audio and data network over CAT5 or fiber optic. IDA8SAB(Switch Mode) requires less number of amplifiers with only 4 audio inputs/outputs from amplifier.

IDA8C-SW/IDA8SAB-SW supports up to 4 sources including Evac/Voice/Music/Backup. Each zone can be routed to one of the system’s audio channels. The four channels can be switched ON/OFF in each zone separately. In case of Evacuation, the three channels can be used as a second alarm channel. A IDA8C (Switch Mode) shall only require up to 4 channel amplifier and the amplifiers will act as a backup amplifier in case of other amplifiers break down.

Note: In cooperation with RU devices for redundancy purpose, please refer to our local sales for:
* External DC power calculation for IDA8S
* Special order for IDA8C, IDA8C-SW, IDA8SAB and IDA8SAB-SW