delvering your message

The DIVA system is a compact PA/VA system specifically designed for small to medium scale installations. It has all the essential functionality to comply with EN54-16 and BS5839/8 requirements for Voice Alarm, including full system monitoring, loudspeaker line impedance surveillance, microphone surveillance and monitored interfacing with remote devices.

The DIVA-8MG2 is a compact, 2 channel PA/VA controller with a maximum of 128 zones. It rovides enhanced digital audio processing (DSP), a digital message player with up to 45 minutes message storage, a fully monitored fireman microphone, amplifier monitoring with switchover to backups and loudspeaker line monitoring for 16 audio lines (8 lines A/B). 

For larger installations, up to 15 DIVA-8SG2 units can be added to the system. The master unit amplifiers can share their power with slaves units, where more power is needed.