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DIALER-DP - Wired Desktop Dialer
The DIALER-DP dialpad is a tabletop touch Dialpad which uses IDA8, ECS or UAP controller (with installed telephone card) to dial the calls by connecting to a standard telephone set with land line phone


DPWL - Wireless Box
The DIALER-DP dialpad is also available in a wireless version. By connecting the DPWL wireless transceiver box to ECS or IDA8C controller, it allows the DIALER-DP dialpad free from extraneous connections and wiring. The DIALER-DP dialpad can be easily relocated to any location the user prefers and will remain stable with its weighted foundation.

DIALER-DP Wired Desktop Dialer for ECS and IDA8 system
DPWL Wireless Transceiver
DIALER-DPWL Wired Desktop Dialer + Wireless Transceiver