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The IDA8C controller houses advanced audio digital signal processing (DSP), matrix control functions and with front panel access for a fully monitored and emergency triggering buttons. IDA8C also supports amplifier monitoring with hot-swap amplifiers and loudspeaker line impedance monitoring.

IDA8C supports up to four PSS-AS monitored microphone consoles and up to eight monitored amplifiers plus two back-up amplifiers, paging into 8 different zones per unit with A/B line detection according to BS 5839 part 8. Featuring 8 monitored zones with simultaneous selection, control inputs, and contact outputs.

IDA8C provides the zones and audio in & out expansion of the IDA8 systems, using a secured 48-channel audio and data network over CAT5 or fiber optic, which can be a network of one controller and a maximum up to 31 Slave units via ATEÏS local-net, providing with 256 paging zones with priorities (1~99), satisfying with the most complex public address and voice alarm requirements.