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MAGELLAN Compact/Intercom system
MAGELLAN COMPACT is a digital counter intercom which enables a high quality full duplex connection using digital processing of the audio signal and a 100% secured feedback suppression.

The MAGELLAN Compact intercom consists of the following components:

  • Client side: A microphone (MC), one or two loudspeaker (HPU) a strip for hard-of-hearing people (BMEQ-optional).
  • Agent side: A desktop compact (PMUC) and one or two loudspeakers (HPU).

For MAGELLAN Compact the DSP uses a program based on complex algoritms to operate the intercom functions:

  • Anti feedback function: to avoid larsen effect, an echo cancellation algorithm is implemented to analyse and define the disturbance signal and to eliminate disturbance from the incomming signal. This effect will avoid that the incoming audible signal will be picked-up by the speakers microphone and causes effects in howling. This process works two ways simultaneously.
  • Automatic variation of the amplification level, active gain control, according to the ambient noiselevel: the DSP measures the noise level in the venue via the client or agent microphone and automatically adapts the gain of each channel to maintain maximum audibility.
  • Limiter: this reduces the sound level in the speakers when client speaks too loudly or too close to the microphone.
  • Level settings and sound activity detection thresholds.

To make the system customer friendly, all settings are made by using a PC software program installed on a laptop computer which is connected to the Central Unit via a USB serial connection. The agent has an intercom power button (ON/OFF) and a power boost button (+6 dB) with pilot lamps, in case levels are insufficient.
The BME induction loop for hard-of-hearing people can be connected to the PMUC as an additional option. MAGELLAN COMPACT is the ideal intercom solution for applications which need perfect voice transmission, even in difficult acoustic conditions.