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The BTQ-VM4/BTQ-VM8 controllers offer 4 and 8 monitored speaker zones respectively. Each controller can cascade with up to 31 BTQ-SL8 secondary units via local digilink, and up to 64 x BTQ-VM4/VM8/SG8 via global-net. This will then extend as little as 4 monitor A/B speaker zones to a large networked system of up to 16,384 zones. The BTQ-SL8 is linked to the controller via STP CAT5/6 cable with shielded RJ45 connector (max. length 100M between units); and the BTQ-SG8 is linked to BTQ-VM4/8 via STP CAT5/6 cable (max. length 100m between units), multi-mode (2 km) and single-mode (20 km) fibre optics or even longer distance.

The BOUTIQUE system can be installed and configured with ease of operation, including easy setup and replacement from LCD front panel. Operational versatility such as volume, PEQ, audio routing, monitor and control, event and bell scheduler, paging with priority management (1~99 priority level) etc. can be configured by a dedicated ATEÏS web browser. In addition, the BOUTIQUE system has full digital audio mixing and internal message and music storage for up to 90 minutes, and a USB interface to play G.711, G.722, G.726, G.727, MP3 and WAV files.

In accordance with EN54-16 and UL2572, all BOUTIQUE system including paging microphones and loudspeaker lines provides full monitoring and fault reports. Multiple volume attenuators can be installed on monitored speaker lines without loopback cable. The controller is also an eco-friendly product with extremely low power consumption during standby mode (6.5W).