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DIVA-8MG2 Comptact PA/VA Controller

The DIVA-8MG2 is a compact, 2 channel PA/VA controller with a maximum of 128 zones. It rovides enhanced digital audio processing (DSP), a digital message player with up to 45 minutes message storage, a fully monitored fireman microphone, amplifier monitoring with switchover to backups and loudspeaker line monitoring for 16 audio lines (8 lines A/B). 

The DIVA-8MG2 is equipped with 5 audio inputs, including one fireman microphone, one system paging console, one mic/line input and two line inputs for BGM. All audio inputs incorporate volume control, equalizer and VOX activation in the software. The master unit has 2 system status (output) contacts and 2 RS232 serial ports for 3rd party control, such as Modbus control. For larger installations, up to 15 DIVA-8S slave units can be added to the system. The master unit amplifiers can share their power with slaves units, where more power is needed.

Additional amplifier(s) can be added to the system. Each DIVA-8MG2 device also has 9 monitored inputs for triggering (EVAC) messages in various zones. 8 non-monitored logic contact inputs, 2 external fault (input) contacts and 8 logic output contacts also come with the device. DIVA-8MG2 can operate on 110VAC or 230VAC mains power and 24VDC for emergency and battery power back-up.