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The PPM-AS/PSM is an unidirectional addressable condenser paging microphone for IDA8 and DIVA system. In accordance with BS5839, it is monitored by using RS485 protocol over STP CAT5/6 cable, and transmits both audio and power from the paging console to the system units. The PPM-AS/PSM has a gooseneck microphone, a push-to-talk button, zone selection keys and a monitor speaker. Buttons represent a single zone or a group of zones and be easily de­fined in the software using a simple matrix selection. All buttons can be programmed from ATEÏS Studio software and each button can be programmed for PTT (Push To Talk) or latching functionality.

The PPM JB junction box supplied with PPM-AS/PSM allows multiple peripherals such as PPM-AS, PSM, CD8, CD16, and URC to be cascaded with the distance of up to 300m between a peripheral and a PPM JB junction box, and up to 10 peripherals can be connected via junction boxes on one processor. In addition, the junction box can be powered from the processor or 24VDC local power supply.

There are three versions of the PPM paging console with identical hardware and functions, the firmware is different with different systems.

  • PPM-AS: Used with IDA8 system
  • PSM: Used with DIVA system
  • PPM-SP: Used with LAPG2T and UAPG2 system
PPM Models
PPM-AS Programmable Paging Microphone V2
PPM-ASWJB Programmable Paging Microphone V2 (with Junction Box)
PSM Programmable Paging Microphone
PSM 8WJB Programmable Paging Microphone (with Junction Box)
PPM-SP Programmable Paging Microphone SP
PPM-SPWJB Programmable Paging Microphone SP (with Junction Box)