delvering your message

The DPM consists of three units: DPM-MAIN, DPM-EVA and DPM-KPD. The DPM-MAIN is the digital paging console which provides with programmable buttons and talk button. The DPM-KPD is a keypad used to expand keys of the DPM-MAIN, and the DPM-EVA is a monitoring speaker pad with an EVAC button and 5 programmable buttons.

Up to 8 paging consoles can be connected to BTQ-SL8, and 16 on BTQ-VM4/VM8/SG8; the wiring can be daisy-chain or in redundant loop. Each DPM-MAIN can attach one DPM-EVA, and up to 30 DPM-KPD linked by the flat cable.

The programmable buttons represent a single zone or a group of zones, the buttons can also act as zone paging, event triggering, recording, message routing, message playing button etc. and can be easily configured via web browser. The Talk button can be programmed for PTT (press-to-talk) or latching mode as well.