delvering your message

The DPM consists of three units: DPM-MAIN, DPM-EVA and DPM-KPD. Up to 16 paging consoles can be connected to BTQ-SL8, and 32 on BTQ-VM4/VM8/SG8; the wiring can be daisy-chain or in redundant loop. The DPM-MAIN can attach 1 DPM-EVA and 14 DPM-KPD or 1 DPM-MAIN can attach 15 DPM-KPD by the flat cable (max. 128 keys). The maximum communication cable length between the controller/secondary units and paging consoles is 250M (820 ft.) via STP CAT5/6 cable with metal shielded RJ45 connector. If the control signal of DPM is not strong enough, it can connect to the DLR01 digital loop repeater for extending the distance 250m longer. And if the power is not enough, connect a 24VDC local power on DLR01.

The microphone capsule of DPM-MAIN is fully monitored and has Auto Gain Control (AGC) function to increase/decrease the level of microphone automatically. The programmable buttons can set to act as single or group zone selection, event triggering, recording, message playing button etc.. All the settings are configured via web browser. The Talk button can be programmed for PTT (press-to-talk) or latching mode as well. The DPM is also an eco-friendly product with extremely low power consumption (< 1W) during standby mode.