delvering your message

The PSM is a uni-directional addressable condenser paging microphone, allowing to live announcement/play pre-recorded messagespre-recorded messages to any pre-assigned zones. The paging station has a gooseneck microphone, a push-to-talk button, zone selection keys and a monitor speaker. Buttons can represent a single zone or a group of zones and are easily defined in the software using a simple matrix selection. All buttons can be programmed with drag & drop features from the software and each button can be programmed for PTT (Push To Talk) or latching functionality.

In accordance with BS5839, the PSM is monitored on RS485. The RS485 communication protocol allows daisy-chain up to 300m on a single CAT-5 cable (FTP/STP) and makes each station easy to connect using standard RJ45 connectors and the junction connection box (supplied with PSM).