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►SONAES 6/40 - 112AH, Charger and Monitoring Unit, EN54-4 compliant.
►SONAES 12/150 - 225AH, Charger and Monitoring Unit, EN54-4 compliant.

The SONEAS series of battery chargers (24VDC) are designed for Voice Alarm system. The battery chargers are microprocessor based devices that have been designed to charge lead-acid batteries (backup batteries connected to the Voice Alarm System) and, simultaneously, to provide power to auxiliary devices such as the DIVA8 and IDA8 system controllers.

The SONEAS battery chargers, which are fully compliant with EN54-4, offers a maximum charge current of 6 or 12 A.

The battery charger is two rack units high, and has to be installed in a 19” rack. Maximum battery capacity: 225 AH.