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The BTQ-SG8 PAVA secondary global unit is not only an extension unit for BTQ-VM4/8 PAVA controller but can also work independently without the BTQ-VM4/8. Up to 64 BTQ-VM4/8 or BTQ-SG8 can be networkable by full-redundancy-loop global-net via CAT5/6 cable (max. length 100m between units), multi-mode (2 km) or single-mode (20 km) fibre optic, even longer distance upon request.
The BTQ-SG8 is capable of handling 1000W speaker load per zone and 2000W max. per unit. It extends the number of input and output contacts available in the system, including 9 monitored EVAC inputs triggered either by dry contact or relay, 8 logic control inputs and 8 relay control outputs (configured by web browser). The two digital interfaces can connect up to 8 paging consoles or remote units for each, and be wired in a daisy chain or redundant loop.