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The BTQ-SL8 secondary unit is an extension unit for the BTQ-VM4/VM8 main controller. It increases the number of zones by a further 8 speaker zones. Up to 31 x BTQ-SL8 secondary local units can be added per controller via a dedicated digilink local network, providing with a maximum of 256 A/B zones and extends the number of input and output contacts available in the system at the same time.

The BTQ-SL8 is capable of handling 1000W speaker load per zone and 2000W max. per unit. The BTQ-SL8 contains 9 monitored EVAC inputs triggered either by dry contact or relay, 8 logic control inputs and 8 relay control outputs (configured by web browser).

In addition, the BTQ-SL8 has 1 digital paging and control console interface. In accordance with EN54-16 and UL2572, all BOUTIQUE system components and peripherals are monitored. This monitoring extends from a paging microphone capsule to the end of loudspeaker line. The speaker lines are monitored for short, open circuit and leakage. In addition, multiple volume attenuators can be installed on a monitored speaker lines. The BTQ-SL8 is also an eco-friendly product with extremely low power consumption during standby mode.