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DIVA-8SG2 Comptact PA/VA Slave Unit

The DIVA-8SG2 unit is an extension unit for the DIVA-8MG2 controller.It increases the number of paging zones by 8 zones for each slave unit added in the system. Up to 15 slave units can be connected to the DIVA-8MG2 controller under local network. A complete DIVA system provides up to 128 zones (A/B). The DIVA-8SG2 units are linked to the system via shielded STP CAT5/6 cable (max. length 100m).

The DIVA-8SG2 handles the same 1,000W capacity as the DIVA-8MG2 controller (at 100V) on each amplifier channel (music + voice). The individual music or voice channel or both channels can be manually/automatically routed zones by the settings of DIVA software. For maximum flexibility, the connected amplifiers can distribute their power across multiple slave units or additional amplifier channels can be added to the system to assist where more output power is needed. The 100V amplifier signal is simply linked to the slaves to create a 100V signal bus.