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The UAP G3/UAP G3H is a cascadable DSP audio processor which comes with 4 modular card slots for fullyexible I/O configuration. The options of 4 card slots include analog audio cards, digital audio I/O cards and specialty cards such as VoIP card, AEC card, analog telephone card, OCTO-Link card and AES-EBU card. The I/O combination from 4Ix4O, 4Ix8O, 8Ix4O, 8Ix8O, 4Ix12O, 12Ix4O, 16I or 16O. Using OCTOLINK cards can up to 32Ix32O audio I/O. Up to 12 UAP G3/UAP G3H processors can be cascaded via Digi-Link bus. The UAP G3/UAP G3H can be linked via CAT5/6/7 cable with metal shielded RJ45 connector (max. length 33 ft/10m between units)

Each OCTO-Link port provides 2 audio channel inputs and 2 audio channel outputs which simultaneously transmits bidirectional data in digital format, providing an easy connection to remotes such as paging console, wall mount controller and ceiling mount microphone. The connection between the UAP G3/UAP G3H and remote device is using STP CAT5/6/7 cable with metal shielded RJ45 connector with a max. communication distance of 820 ft/250m.

As our state of the art DSP processor, the UAP G3/UAP G3H also incorporates full drag n drop DSP component library such as AGC, AEC, Ducker, various kinds of Mixer, Delay, A.N.G (Auto Noise Gain), ANR (Ambient Noise Reduction), PEQ, Feedback, Hi/Lo Pass, message player, event scheduler for element adjustment, preset changes and event control, dynamic zone paging, In/Out audio streaming, VoIP/SIP for teleconferencing, level control, telephone transmit/receive, audio recorder, etc. making the entire systemexible and easy to program and integrate. The UAP G3/UAP G3H features 8 programmable knobs, each knob can be programmed in custom DSP parameter for intuitive control without PC or any other software.