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VA-EOL - End of SP-Line Module for Multi-branch/3-wire

For advanced configuration such as install the VAT volume attenuators in the speaker line for volume control, the impedance of speaker line is changed after adjusting the volume on VAT volume attenuators. Furthermore, for branching the speaker line wiring, a cut of partial branching may not change the overall impedance that obviously. The VA-EOL is the only solution which can adapt the changing impedance and detect open or short circuit for each branch.

SL-SENSOR2 - 3 Wire Speaker Line Short Sensor, 2CH
SL-SENSOR4 - 3 Wire Speaker Line Short Sensor, 4CH


By installing the VA-EOL at the end of speaker lines and SL-SENSOR2/SL-SENSOR4 on the zone board of BTQ-VMD/SGD/SLD unit, the system can indicate whether speaker line is open or short circuit within 90 seconds (EN54-16 requirement), helping to save the analysis time. 
The installation does not require additional loopback cabling and is powered by BTQ-VMD/SGD/SLD via speaker line without affecting the audio signal. For some application like Nursery, baby may sensitive with 20 kHz monitoring tone. the speaker lines can install BLKR-60/BLKR-200 to filter it.

BLKR-60 - 20kHz Signal Blocker/60W
BLKR-200 - 20kHz Signal Blocker/200W