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The CD-8/CD-16 remote paging console which serves up to eight zones individually with an All-Call option. Zone selection buttons and Fireman microphone are encased in a heavy-duty IP30 wall-mounted metal box with a lockable door. The zone buttons of CD-8/CD-16 represent a single zone or group of zones and can be easily programmed through the system GUI using “drag and drop” functionality. The Push-To-Talk button can be programmed for PTT or latching operation. The status indicators including Power, EVAC and Fault which show the status of all the zone are also provided with.

The maximum distance between units is up to 300M. The CD-8/CD-16 is powered over RS485 via CAT-5 (FTP/STP), however if power is not available over RS485 it can be locally powered by using a 24V DC supply. In case connecting 4 sets CD-8/CD-16 units on the 4 set of PDC port at the same, external power supply may be required).