delvering your message

The CD-T5DF wall mount paging mic console comes with a LCD touch screen panel, fireman microphone and evacuation button. It is designed with an encased IP30 heavy-duty metal box with a lockable cover. The 5" TFT touch screen panel provides call-paging, message broadcasting, event triggering, recording, message routing, message play, level control etc..

All paging functions and parameters for site operation such as naming zone buttons, zone group buttons, zone paging, pre/post chime settings can be pre-programmed via web browser. Moreover, several user levels with password protection make the CD-T5DF a versatile console that fits well in a commercial shopping centre or an industrial high-security facility.

Up to 16 paging consoles can be connected to BTQ-SL8, and 32 on BTQ-VM4/VM8/SG8; the wiring can be daisy-chain or in redundant loop. The maximum communication cable length between the controller/secondary units and paging consoles is 250m (820 ft.) via STP CAT5/6 cable with metal shielded RJ45 connector. The distance of cable length will directly affect the quantity and power requirement of CD-T5DF unit.