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  • ORBIT M - 3 rows of 12 loudspeakers – 1003 mm 90 dB to 10 m circle. 
  • ORBIT L - 3 rows of 18 loudspeakers – 1390 mm 90 dB to 15 m circle.    

ATEÏS introduces a new generation range of steerable line-arrays, the ORBIT, that have an Omni-directional and steerable radiation pattern, fully redesigned to meet the highest architectural demands and equipped to handle current and upcoming requirements for the Voice-Alarm industry, Commercial Audio and Pro-Sound.

Each ORBIT Omni-directional array has a very tightly controlled beam, which can be shaped as required for specific applications or environments requiring symmetrical or asymmetrical, single, dual or triple lobe designs where the ORBIT can be placed free-hanging from the middle of the venue.

The availability of high power audio DSP’s such as the analogue devices makes it possible to provide 24 channels of powerful processing that lead to precise beam control and even signal pattern that stays within 3 dB over a distance of 100 m radius in a 360 degrees wave!