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St. John's Cathedral - Valletta

The 2 x Messenger XL loudspeaker arrays are chosen to be installed in St. John's Cathedral. The Cathedral needs a audio system that would not only discreetly address high intelligibility and clarity of speech and the ability to obtain the necessary bandwidth for live music in order to meet their need of a well–attended venue for people.

Reliability, budget and aesthetics plays an important role in the choice of their public address system. When there's emergency, the Messenger loudspeaker arrays would also be used for live broadcasting and protect their congregation and international visitors. In addition, the Messenger’s internal DSP capability reduces the need to buy additional DSP-processing hardware, making the system into an affordable design.

To solve the problem of integrating the 2 Messenger XL loudspeaker arrays (10 ft high) into the environment in St. John's Cathedral, an artist has hand-painted the Messenger loudspeaker arrays and made them perfectly fit with the Cathedral decoration.

2 Messenger XL speakers