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ATEÏS is a global manufacturer of voice evacuation, pro audio, AV DSP and conferencing systems providing the most innovative technology to enhance safety, improve efficiency and help solve challenging problems.

Established in 1980, ATEÏS forged a reputation within the PA/VA engineering industry for its technical knowledge, rigorous standards and fresh approach embracing on the power of TCP/IP and real-time networking.

We aim to maintain the highest level of integrity and dedication using reliable hardware and forward-thinking software solutions, which comply with international standards. By investing heavily in research and development, we continue to stay on the forefront of technological advancements, harnessing our expertise to create cost effective, purpose-built systems and solutions for our customers. Headquartered in Switzerland, we also have offices in France, Netherlands & South-Eastern Europe, Middle East, USA, China, Taiwan with manufacturing facilities and Singapore.

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Penton, Xavtel, Terracom, Messenger Pro was formed as the company expands to better reflect its leading market positioning optimizing their potential as specific solution in an integrated system’s design.



Mission Statement

We are one of the leading global manufacturer with a disciplined focus on providing our customer with acoustically excellent sound where users can hear, feel and appreciate the difference.

Our PA/VA solution is designed on solving our customer's most complex challenges with state-of-the-art technology, safety in mind and ease of use.

With products manufactured to meet the EN 54-16, UL2572 and various other international standards offering user satisfaction and maintaining long term relationship with them.

Services & Product Portfolio
True integration of the Voice Evacuation, Public Address and Background Music systems with Professional Audio using modern IP-networking or dedicated services with extreme low latency, built for live-on-stage usages. Many applications such as Shopping Malls, Hotel and Restaurants require these fast and high fidelity Integrated systems – resulting in simplicity, increased security and durability.

The ATEÏS Digital Signal Processing technology carries up to 48 audio channels over a redundant structured Network, securing all demanding requirements for high-end Voice Evacuation and commercial pro-sound, delivering breathtaking Professional Audio capabilities which comply with current international safety standards.