delvering your message

The DPM-T5 5" TFT touch screen paging console provides call-paging, message broadcasting, event triggering, recording, message routing, message play, level control etc..

Up to 8 DPM-T5 paging consoles can be connected to BTQ-SL8, and 16 on BTQ-VM4/VM8/SG8; the wiring can be daisy-chain or in redundant loop. The maximum communication cable length between the BTQ-VM/SG/SL and DPM-T5, DPM-T5 and DPM-T5 is 250M (820 ft.) via STP CAT5/6 cable with shielded RJ45 connector.

All paging functions and parameters for site operation can be pre-programmed, plus several settings such as selection of using built-in or external mic/speaker, built-in mic/speaker volume etc.. can be adjusted via DPM-T5. The DPM-T5 is equipped with a 3.5mm phone jack mic input and a speaker output for the connection of external headset. It also has a mini-USB port to be connect to the PC/Laptop, providing an external audio input/output for remote conferencing such as Skype, QQ, WhatsApp, etc..